10 January 2012

a bit of tangled fun...

dear fellow knitter...

perhaps you are a neat and tidy knitter...
photo from:  knitty.com

perhaps your stash is organized, with everything in it's place...

perhaps each of your projects is contained in a cute little bag...
from jenniegee's etsy shop

and you never get tangled in your yarn...
(i'm jealous, if that's the case...)

or perhaps...
just perhaps...

you are, like me, a tangled knitter...

perhaps your yarn is in twelve different baskets
and in every room in the house
your knitting is always tangled
and you are forever searching
for that size 3 circular...

if so, please consider showing us your tangles...

show us your tangled knitting, your disorganized stash, your incredibly embarrassing scramble of yarn and needles and what-not...

email your photos to: tangled knitter
please put "tangled knitter" on the subject line
and let me know how you would like me to recognize you
i will gladly link to your blog, if you have one...
your email address will remain private

the more tangled the better!

i will post the photos on the blog 
during the month of january...

and next month we will all vote for

the reader with the most...shall we say...interesting tangles

what an honor, no?

all who participate
(by submitting a photo or simply commenting on one)
will be entered in a drawing
to be held on the first of february 
two thousand twelve
at seven pm california time

two of you will win a copy of my 
soon-to-be released new pattern


i look forward to seeing the photos...it will make me feel so much better to know that i am not the only tangled knitter...

kind regards,


  1. I can't resist. I try I really do, but I am just not anything but lost needles, tangles, hairball, and missing pattern pages...

    1. always nice to know there are other tangled knitters out there Anne...

  2. I'm a pretty organized knitter, 'cause I live in a small apartament. The only tangled place is my sofa, where I keep my wip (I usually have a single project on my needles... I'm hopeless!).

    But I'll share your post : )

    1. is suspected that you would be one of those beautifully organized knitters! thanks for sharing :)

  3. I think I'm quite tangled: I try to be tidy but probably is not my "nature". I spend a part of my knitting time to disentangle several ball of wool whose I'm working on, the rest to look for my needles or crochet or wathevere else!
    So I try to partecipate sending a picture

    1. oh! i am forever untangling my knitting...even when i have a project in a tidy little basket, i still manage to get tangles and knots...nice to know that i am in good company, anna! non vedo l'ora di vedere la tua photo!


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