11 January 2012

ms. tangled anne...

our first "tangled knitter"photo!

anne, who blogs here, sent this....

says anne:
"I try I really do... it just gets away from me every single day!   I have bags and baskets full of balled up and tangled balls and skeins of yarn.  Jars and tins of buttons. Drawers, boxes, jars and rubber bands full of needles. Printed  Patterns are in folders and baskets . Hen scratch notes are in an old blue spiral bound notebook.  Thank heaven for my blog and for ravelry or I really would lose my mind and all reference to my work.
Does it matter?
Not really. I love to knit and I always find my way through my projects.  The only real problem is that sound a needle makes when it drops to the hard wood floor and rolls away under the bookcase.... that....grrrrrrrrrrrrr

seems we have a truly tangled knitter here...
thanks, anne, for sharing your story!
be sure to visit anne's blog, talkingtomydog.blogspot.com

are you a tangled knitter, too?
check this post
and join the fun!

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  1. It is hopeless I bought even more yarn today. I have finished two projects this weekend. Started two more...


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