09 January 2012


i found this hat, unfinished, live stitches dangling, as i was cleaning my woefully tangled stash yesterday...

of course, i am easily distracted...especially when it comes to tidying up...

so i pulled out a circular
picked up those stitches
and finished the hat, adding a floppy pom-pom to the top

it's cute...
i think this may be the next
free pattern

back to cleaning...

oh...by the way...
do come back tomorrow for something fun!


  1. Cool hat, cleaning is boaring, but it always brings something good ; )

  2. You are right, @knitting bear...cleaning always brings something good! I had quite forgotten about this little project, for instance...Now I have a new hat, perhaps a new pattern, and a bit
    less clutter!

  3. nice hat...would love to make that! cleaning is a necessary evil (but it leads to more time knitting when everything is clean and you can rest)


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