14 June 2011

flora band...

little miss nova's headband was originally intended to be a hat...

it was the night before the recent photo shoot,
and  i needed something to coordinate with the green and violet sweater that nova would be wearing...

i cast on a bunch of stitches
and began to make a little rolled-brim hat...

but it was late, and i was exhausted...
i looked at the work in front of me
and thought,


a few rows and three flowers later,
the flora band was born...

as you see, it is simple, simple, simple...
a quick and easy project

a useful way to use up leftovers,
you can make it with almost
any yarn
(though, obviously, more elastic fibers like wool are preferable)

don't want to make flowers?
buttons will do!

the how-to...

  • measure the recipient's head
  • choose some yarn in two colors--A and B
  • determine the gauge-per-inch of your chosen yarn
  • multiply the head size, minus 2-3", by the gauge-per-inch to determine the number of stitches to you will need to cast on
  • grab the appropriately-sized circular needle (or double-pointed needles) and cast on with color A;  join work, being careful not to twist!
  • knit for 6-or-so rounds with A
  • purl one round
  • change to color B and knit until the work measures about 2.25" (or more...or less...that's your call!)
  • change to color A and knit one round
  • purl one round
  • knit six-or-so rounds
  • bind off very loosely (check out Jeny's stretchy bind off here)
  • steam to block
  • add flowers (here) or buttons...or flower-and-buttons...or nothing...or whatever you wish...
et voilà!!!

© 2011 pamela w allen designs if you use this "pattern", 
please consider showing your gratitude by making a donation
to the red cross...


  1. Too cute, both project and model!

  2. Pamela: Would you please give me an idea of number of stitches and size needles (circular or double pointed) for a one year old? I have not knit for years and years. but with the birth of great-grandchildren am tempted to bring out the needles once again. Your help would be appreciated! Karenanne


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