07 June 2011

photo shoot...

a full week, this last one...

it began with a photo shoot...

emily in the "tomato hat" by pamela w allen
photo by anna myers photography

bay area portrait photographer
photographed the delightful young models
nova, maverick, stella,
emily and lily
in several of my hats and sweaters...

emily in the purple and black "swatch hat"

i have seen only these three of the many shots she took that day...

emily and lily

...cannot wait to see the rest!

by the way, lily looked stunning in the grey alpaca sweater--a new design--that she wore for the shoot, but i am afraid i cannot let you see it
until the pattern is published...

like anna's work?
do check out her blog to see more!


  1. great photos! great subjects!! can't wait to see the sweater!!! don't keep us in suspense too long please...

  2. LOVE the new photos!!! They look beautiful:}

  3. thanks, guys!

    @dmw...I can't wait to show the sweater...I am so pleased with how it turned out!


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