20 May 2011

berets and flowers...

...fellow knitter silvia m. has made a bright, cheery version of the baby beret...her "boina da catarina" is made in rowan's luxury cotton and is embellished with crocheted flowers...you can see it on her blog, ao longe o mar...I love it!

speaking of flowers...

little knitted daisies are easy to make!

grab some yarn and a pair of needles...
cast on 40 stitches
(knit one, bind off six) five times...
you should have ten stitches left on the needle (one stitch on either side of each set of six bound-off stitches)
it should look like this:
break yarn and pull through those ten stitches...
partially weave in ends and use the excess to stitch the flower onto your hat
(or sweater, or...)

et voilà!

questions?  just ask!


  1. Should the pattern read knit 1 bind off 6 knit 1 then repeat? Otherwise you don't have 10 and it doesn't look like the picture. Love the Pattern flowers are really sweet.

  2. @Sam...
    So sorry that wasn't clear. How's this:
    Cast on 40 stitches. Knit one--this stitch will stay on the right needle. Knit two more stitches--you now have three stitches on the right needle. Pass the second (middle) stitch over the third (left) stitch (one stitch bound off). Knit one. Pass the middles stitch over the stitch just knit (two stitches bound off). Repeat this four more times. You now have two stitches on the right needle, with six bound off stitches in between. Now knit a stitch--three stitches on the right needle. Knit two more stitches and pass the middle stitch over the far right stitch (one stitch bound off). Bind off five more stitches...you should now have FOUR stitches on your right needle. Repeat this process three more times...you should have ten stitches with five "petals"...
    Does this make sense? Let me know...and thank you!

    1. That makes much more sense! I wish I'd read the comments before I tried to knit it!! Thank you! :)

  3. These are really beautiful and easy to make, thank you very much for the pattern, I am knitting a hat for my daughter and I am going to use these daisies. It will be wonderful!

  4. Tks for these cute & easy flowers As with most of my knitting they leave me with so many strands of yarn to weave in - esp if I make a cluster of them - that I'm left with a bulge
    What's the secret to avoiding a mass of weaving on the wrong side of the piece or a good way to hide it

  5. I love these little daisies. Can you also tell me how you make the little green dots in the middle of the flower. Thanks.

  6. Thank you for this great little pattern!


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