22 March 2011

a beret for baby...

goodness...the time does fly...

...computer problems continue on this end, but I will not let that stop me from offering the promised pattern for a baby beret!

this beret is simple, simple, simple...as easy as a cap and ever so jaunty and fun...it is also very stretchy, and will fit baby for quite a while...

these little pink hats were made with rowan pure wool 4-ply, (bought locally at  mendocino yarn shop), a super wash wool that is lovely to work with and which just happens to be the perfect yarn...in my opinion...to use for knitted baby gifts that you just know are going to end up in the washer...

a beret for baby...

you'll need:

1- skein Rowan Pure Wool 4-ply (or similar wool)
1- 12" 3.25 mm circular (optional)
1- set 3.25 mm double pointed  needles (dpn's)
1- darning needles


6 stitches per inch over stockinette, blocked

make 1:   Insert the tip of the right hand needle into the strand (between the stitch just knit and the first stitch on the left needles) from front to back. Transfer this strand to the left hand needle. Knit into the back of this strand on the left needle and remove as usual


directions are for infant (0-3mo) and baby (3-12mo)...the bands measure about 10" and 12", unstretched, but they stretch quite a bit!

Cast on 88 (96) stitches and join in the round (careful--don't twist your work!)  Work in 2x2 rib (knit 2, purl 2) for about 1.5 inches (or more, if you like--twice that, if you wish to be able to turn it up). 

When you are finished with your ribbing, increase your stitches by another 50%, thus:
Knit 2, make 1 (see above) all the way around.  You should now have 132 (144) stitches.  Knit around and around on these stitches until your work measures about 3.5 (4.25) inches.  Now begin to shape the hat by decreasing 6 stitches, evenly, every other row:

1st decrease round:  K20 (22), K2tog to end of round--126 (138) stitches remain.
2nd (and all even rounds): Knit
3rd decrease round:  K19 (21), K2tog to end of round--120 (132) stitches remain.

Continue decreasing, in this way, until 72 stitches remain, change to dpn's if using the circular, then decrease six stitches EVERY row until three stitches remain (decreasing this quickly creates the flat top).  Knit these three stitches as i-cord for a few rounds (more if you wish to knot it).  Break yarn, pull through the stitches and through the cord to the inside of the hat.  Weave in ends and wet block, shaping the beret flat, as shown below (block on a smooth porcelain plate if you have one the right size--this creates a really nice, smooth beret).  Add flowers at the brim, if desired...

et voilà!

if you use this pattern, please consider making a contribution to save the children or any japanese earthquake relief organization of your choice...

happy knitting! 

questions?  i am glad to help...
and please let me know if you find an error! 

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  1. Sooo cute! and I love that Rowan Pure Wool too, I am currently knitting a sweater in it and it is lovely :)

  2. Lovely, Pamela! I should make one for my friend's baby girl!

  3. What an adorable, adorable pattern.

  4. thanks everyone! nice to have the support of such talented knitters!

  5. i know someone who will be getting this hat... thank you for the pattern!!! once more, a winner!!

  6. Hi Pamela, I was wondering it your make1 is the same as knit in the front and back of a stitch? I am getting ready to male this beautiful had for my grand daughter, and don't quite understand, thank you Debbie

  7. Hi Debbie!

    I usually make one with a backward loop or by picking up the yarn between two stitches and knitting into the back...Is this clear? You can try knitting into the front and back if you like...

  8. thank you so much! I understand now, Also when you wet block it are you putting it on the plate or is the plate inside?? In the Picture I don't see the plate. By the way I made mine and it is just the cutest thing ever. Thank you so much. Debbie

  9. The plate is inside...but you don't need a plate, really!

    So glad you like the pattern...thanks for you comments!


  10. When you knit the 3.5 inches after the ribbing, does that measurement include the ribbing?


  11. @Monica...
    Yes, the 3.5 inches includes the ribbing (unless you have doubled the ribbing).
    Happy knitting!

  12. How did u make those adorable flowers??

    1. Hi Crystal! This post should help:
      happy knitting!

  13. Jennifer Dryden25 January, 2013 13:55

    In the instructions you say to "then decrease six stitches EVERY row until three stitches remain (decreasing this quickly creates the flat top)."

    How do you do this? Every 6th stitch you decrease one stitch? Or something else? I'm sorry I dont' understand what you mean. Can you please email me at jennloved@gmail.com with your answer?


    1. Hi Jennifer...You are decreasing 6 stitches, evenly spaced, as you have been doing all along, but you will do it EVERY row. So, at this point you have 72 stitches on your needles. You knit 10, K2tog, repeat to end of round--66 stitches remain. Next round you knit 9, K2tog, repeat to end--60 stitches remain. Continue this way until just three stitches remain.
      Hope that helps!

  14. I'd like to make this for my 10 month-old granddaughter. Her head measures 17 inches. Will the larger size fit her or should I increase the stitch count by 8?


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