19 March 2012

one hundred cable babies...

the cable baby pattern...

originally published in september 2009...

in 221 queues, with 796 "likes" and 101 projects...

many lovely cable baby projects have been posted on ravelry over the last two years...

like this
by christine from skeinny dipping (do check out her gorgeous yarns!)

and this
by barbara from rochester, who blogs here

 there are ninety-eight more lovely projects...you can see them all here!!!

the 100th cable baby project was posted on ravelry 
just a few days ago...

to celebrate, I am offering
a new pattern...

the cable baby beret

which I will post tomorrow on this blog

y'all come back, now!


  1. It must be a wonderful feeling to see how people knit from your beautiful patterns. This particular little hat is so gorgeous. Maybe it's time that I pick up cable patterns again. Because I'm very fond of cables, but not good at making them. :)

    1. It is wonderful to see what people are inspired to make with my patterns! As for this hat...it is a wonderful way to practice your cable-making skills. So easy!
      Happy Spring!


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