20 March 2012

the cable baby beret...

I love berets...

especially on babies...

they are cute, comfortable classics that can be worn with a jaunty tilt

or simply pulled down over the ears for warmth...

today I offer a pattern for a wonderful little cable-banded beret

it is easy to knit
and makes an impressive--as well as useful--baby shower gift

happy knitting!

the cable baby beret...

  • One skein Rowan Pure wool 4-ply (or similar yarn...wool works best!)
  • Size 3 (3.25mm), 12" or 16" circular needle 
  • Set of size 3 (3.25mm) double pointed needles
  • Cable needle
  • Darning needle

6 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch and 8 stitches per inch in cable rib pattern, un-stretched. You can fudge a little bit on the gauge, by the way, because this cap, when made in wool, is quite stretchy.

K—knit; P—purl; K2tog—knit two together; P2tog—purl two together; C2—turn cable (slip two stitches to cable needle, hold in back of work, knit next two stitches; knit stitches from cable needle); dpn's--double pointed needles

Make 1:   
Insert the tip of the right hand needle into the strand (between the stitch just knit and the first stitch on the left needles) from front to back. Transfer this strand to the left hand needle. Knit into the back of this strand on the left needle and remove as usual.

With circular needle (or dpn's if you prefer), cast on 98 stitches using the long-tail or cable method. Join carefully. 
K2, P2, K2, P2, K4, P2; Repeat this fourteen-stitch pattern to end of round. Place marker, if you wish. Work established pattern for six rounds.
Cable turn round (seventh round): K2, P2, K2, P2, C2, P2 Repeat to the end of the round. Continue working in established pattern, turning cables every 7th round, until the hat measures about 2" (three cable twists), and you have worked two or three rounds past your last twist.

Next round:  Knit, increasing 34 stitches (with a make one increase as above), evenly spaced (okay...you'll have to fudge a bit...increasing every three stitches yields 32.  Throw a couple more in the round somewhere.  And don't worry!)--132 stitches.
Work these 132 stitches, in stockinette, for approximately 2 inches.

Now shape the hat by decreasing 6 stitches, evenly, every other row:

1st decrease round:  K20, K2tog to end of round--126 stitches remain.
2nd (and all even rounds): Knit
3rd decrease round:  K19, K2tog to end of round--120 stitches remain.

Continue decreasing, in this way, until 72 stitches remain; change to dpn's if using the circular, then decrease six stitches EVERY row until three stitches remain (decreasing this quickly creates the flat top).  Knit these three stitches as i-cord for a few rounds (more if you wish to knot it).  Break yarn, pull through the stitches and through the cord to the inside of the hat.  Weave in ends and wet block, shaping the beret flat, (block on a smooth porcelain plate if you have one the right size--this creates a really nice, smooth beret), shaping the cable band (don't stretch the ribbing!) on a straight glass, if possible.  


et voilà!   

© 2012 pamela w allen designs  I am happy to share this pattern with knitters. It may be used for non-commercial, personal or charity use. It is not to be used in any publication, nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without written permission of the author/designer.

this pattern has not been test-knit, nor has it been professionally edited
if you find an error, please contact me!


  1. beautiful - there will be babies with this hat in their future! thank you for your willingness to share to make us all look good!!

  2. Love your blocking ideas. Do you think this would fit a 2 year old's head? I have a granddaughter this would look great on :)

  3. I do not understand the 7th round,can someone help.


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