24 January 2012


tangles occur quite naturally...

especially in my stash...

do they occur quite naturally in yours, as well?

then please consider
sharing your tangles...

show us your tangled knitting, your disorganized stash, your incredibly embarrassing scramble of yarn and needles and what-not...

send me your tangled photos!

i will post the photos on the blog 
during the remaining days of january...

email your photos to: tangled knitter
please put "tangled knitter" on the subject line
and let me know how you would like me to recognize you
i will gladly link to your blog, if you have one...
your email address will remain private

all who participate
(by submitting a photo or simply commenting on one)
will be entered in a drawing
to be held on the first of february 
two thousand twelve
at seven pm california time

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