19 November 2011

miss autumn's stocking...stripes, stripes, stripes


the stripes are each 10 rounds in length
(except for the first stripe, which I worked for 17 rounds,
to allow for a nice roll at the top...)
seven so far...the stocking now measures 11"

tomorrow...the heel

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  1. I am looking for a long, striped stocking for my son. When I found this one, I thought "this is HIS stocking"! Unfortunately, it is knit in the round. Most of the other striped stockings I have found are knit flat and seamed, which i prefer because of the 'jog' line. I am an advanced beginner with colorwork experience, but my 'jog' lines always really bother me. Basically, my skills are there but not practiced enough to get the results that a perfectionist like myself requires. I do ,however, LOVE the look of this stocking and am curious if you could suggest a few modifications for it to be knit flat?

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again for posting the spunkiest,striped stocking around ;)


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