25 January 2011


portals of discovery, james joyce called them...

in knitting, they often lead to delightful designs

a case in point...

think spring, a hat by fellow raveler, gretchen...
inspired by a "mistake" made when knitting my
sea star hat pattern

as she says on her project page:

"I made a mistake on my first sea star which resulted in my additional edging moving vertically instead of diagonally up the hat. This mistake became the inspiration for this hat. It reminded me of a flower stem, so I cast on in green and made my previous mistake on purpose. I thought about tacking down the “leaves,” but decided to let them sway."

she added a flower and...voilà...a new hat!

thank you, gretchen, for agreeing to share your story....


  1. In Italia si dice che "non tutti i mali vengono per nuocere"!

  2. Un detto simile, in inglese..."Every cloud has a silver lining".


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