09 August 2010

sea star...the pattern!

sea star...a hat in three sizes

infant, child and adult...

it is wonderfully stretchy done in Classic Elite's WOOL BAM BOO, as in the photo above...one skein yields one adult hat...

the pattern is finally available!

during the months of September and October,
$3 from each sale will be donated to Save the Children's Pakistan Children in Emergency Fund

happy birthday to knitting goddess elizabeth zimmermann...your spirit will always be with us... 


  1. That's cute i'm fractal from moon they adventures and would enjoy knitting it

  2. This is a wonderful hat! I have it in my favorites and queue to make!

  3. It's adorable! I'd love to knit a couple for the littles in the family. lawardrop

  4. hiya, I've seen this hat take shape in MA on Ravelry and have loved it from the start!!! gorgeous pattern :) TwinsMama

  5. Hi there, this is Basketwoman from MA - it's been in my favs for awhile - would love to knit it as well! It would suit my granddaughter to a tee methinks or would make a great chemo hat in cotton or bamboo

  6. Ooohhh...achemo hat for Becca. Good idea!

    Regardless, I like it, Pam and always have.


  7. Lovely hat, and innovative design!


  8. Just saw this hat in MA in Ravelry! What a pretty and cute hat!!
    Just the right colour too!
    Would love to knit a few!

  9. This is such a cute hat. My neighbor had a baby recently and I have been looking for a great gift to make. Silksky on MA.

  10. What a cute hat! I'd love to knit this for my nieces (and maybe for me too!). Thanks for sharing this on MA :-)

  11. Saw this in MA on Ravelry-- absolutely adorable Would love to make one for the little ones and a big one too.
    You are so creative!!

  12. I love your designs and this one especially has the wow factor. from Bumper on MA


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