13 December 2013

man mitts...

it had turned cold, here on the Mendocino coast, and Warren needed a way to keep his hands warm ...

something simple, handsome, and practical that he could wear while working and playing guitar or keyboard...

so, I made some fingerless man mitts.

they were knit in 1x1 rib with just one skein of a yummy yarn that local knitting guru, K.M., would call an "honest wool"...the only shaping is the thumb gusset, which is knit in smooth stockinette...

they are a quick knit, these mitts,
despite the name,
they are unisex
and easily
adapted to your personal size! 

so...why not grab your needles and 
knit a pair...or two!

warren's man mitts...


1-skein Classic Elite Yarn's VISTA (50% wool, 50% alpaca)
1-set US7/4.5mm double pointed needles
1-set US6/4.0mm double pointed needles
darning needles, stitch marker


m1r...make one right
m1l...make one left

On larger dpn's, cast on 40 stitches.  Mark beginning of round and join (without twisting, of course!)

Work in 1 x 1 rib for for app. 2".  
Begin shaping thumb gusset:
M1r, K1, M1l, continue in rib to end of round.
Work two rounds.
M1r, K3, M1l, continue in rib to end of round.
Work two rounds.
M1r, K5, M1l, continue in rib to end of round.
Work two rounds.
Work as established, making one stitch at each edge of the stockinette-stitch gusset until you have 13 stitches on the thumb.  Work two more rounds, then place these 13 stitches on waste yarn.  Using the backward loop method, cast 3 stitches onto the right needle and continue to work in rib for approximately one more inch (or to desired length), (using the US6 needles, if you wish, so that it is less likely to flair). Bind off in rib.

Put the 13 thumb stitches on the smaller needles. Pick up and knit 5 stitches at the hand, closing the gap, then continue knitting these 18 stitches in stockinette until the thumb is .25" short of desired length. Finish with 3 rounds of 1x1 rib.  Bind off in rib.

Weave in all ends.  Wet block (really, you should!), pulling the rib vertically.

et voilà!
girls love 'em, too!

warm fingerless mitts for a man...or woman
you can adjust the size easily by casting on fewer (or more) stitches and/or adjusting the amount of thumb gusset increases.
those with smaller hands may just want to cast on one stitch over the thumb gusset...

you can stripe it
or, perhaps, throw in a few cables, as well

have fun...


may it be merry and bright...

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  1. They look so warm and elegant, thank you for sharing!

  2. Happy holidays to you and yours. Thank you for gifting another great pattern.

  3. you're welcome! happy, happy holidays to you, too!


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