20 February 2012

perfectly simple...and free!


“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”

...even in baby hats

today i offer you 
supreme excellence
in a baby hat...

delightfully simple,
and easy to fit...

this cap has a stretchy, ribbed band
that can be folded up,
or worn pulled down over baby's ears...

its crown comes to a
jaunty little point...

it looks great in any color...

can be embellished if you wish...

and the pattern is perfectly free...

a perfectly simple baby hat...
by pamela w allen

  • 1-skein of dk or worsted yarn, preferably one with a good memory and stitch definition (I used classic elite's wool bam boo on the hat above--it is simply luscious knit in cashmere or merino!)
  • 1-16" circular, size 6/4mm
  • 1 set of size 6/4mm dpn's
  • darning needle

5 stitches per inch in stockinette


baby/toddler (the ribbing measures 5-5.5", flat, and stretches quite a bit)...this hat is easily adjusted to fit anyone (see my notes below)!

how to:

With the circular (or set of dpn's, if you wish), cast on 68 stitches--think of it as 17 groups of 4--with your preferred method (I use long-tail).  Join and work in k2, p2 rib for 2" (or more, if you wish).  

The next round you will knit, increasing every fourth stitch, thus:
K4, M1 (I use the backward loop method) to end--85 (17x5) stitches.  

Work in stockinette stitch, until the hat measures about 4 inches.

Now you will begin shaping the crown by decreasing five stitches every other round:
  1. *K15, K2tog, repeat from* to end--80 stitches.
  2. Knit the round.
  3. *K14, K2tog, repeat from* to end--75 stitches.
  4. Knit the round.
Continue in this way, decreasing every other round, changing to dpn's when necessary, until you have five stitches left on your needles.  Decrease one more stitch and work the remaining 4 stitches in i-cord for an inch-or-so.  Break yarn and pull it through the remaining stitches with your darning needle.  Darn in end at ribbing.
Block flat using steam and a press cloth, being careful not to stretch the ribbing.

et voilà!

as you see, this pattern is very easy to size up or down, or to adjust to different weights of yarn...just remember to cast on in multiples of four for the ribbing, and increase to multiples of five for the body!  also, this hat is perfect when unadorned, but it does lend itself well to stripes and other decorations (like the star and button on the hat pictured)...enjoy!!!

© 2012 pamela w allen designs...I am happy to share this pattern with knitters. It may be used for non-commercial, personal or charity knitting. It is not to be reproduced in electronic/digital format without written permission.


  1. Simply adorable. Thanks for sharing it. Bernadettebear

  2. This is beautiful. Thank you so much. I will be making it. Do you have instructions for the knitted star?

  3. Lovely! Thank you for sharing : )

  4. AH! I just purchased your Sea Star hat pattern which includes the pattern for the 5 pointed star. Your work is exquisite. Thank you again!

    1. Well...thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the pattern. It is one of my favorite little hats, the Sea Star Hat... Happy knitting!

  5. All of your patters are beautiful. I'm truly in love with this hat!
    I haven't tried knitting with circular needles (I will with this pattern!) but, can you tell me how I can make this with straight needles?


    1. If you simply follow the instructions without joining the work in the round you should be able to make it with straight needles. But it is so much easier on a circular! Give it a try!

      Happy knitting...


  6. Hello! I have just cast on 68 stitches with my circular needles and there isn't enough stitches to allow me to join them up. My needles are 16" as per the pattern but they still are too long. Should I buy dpns for this pattern instead?


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