16 January 2012

decidedly NOT tangled...

...mary's stash is definitely an inspiration to those of us with

says mary from america's knitting:

"I’m the tidy type of knitter, not tangled.  All of my 50 some odd projects are all “on needles” (yep – yikes) and in their respective bags.  All my stash yarn is not listed on Ravelry but nicely tucked away in the ‘yarn pantry’.  More is upstairs in the apartment armoire.  I’ve got all my books in the pantry and the needles are all sized and hanging in the closet with straights looking lovely in two separate fun vases.  All loose patterns are in sleeves and organized in a HUGE pink binder with more patterns in a folder on the computer.  With my mountain of yarn, way too many patterns and books and needles up the wazoo – I think I’d go crazy for sure if it were all tangled.  I did have a panic attack about 5 years ago when I had to move it all – whew glad that’s over."

w o w . . .

inspirational, isn't she?
or do we just hate her?

thanks, mary, for sharing...

and knitters, do check out her website, america's knitting  
you can also follow her on facebook 


  1. I am humbled.
    Even if I had more hours in my day I couldn't come close to that kind of neatness and organization. My mother was able to do that. Maybe I am still rebelling?
    I'd like to have my house look like that.

  2. Interesting...my mother, too, is amazingly tidy and well-organized. Everything not only HAS it's place, but is always IN it's place. Perhaps these tangles of ours, Anne, are our way of saying, "Hey, wait! I'm NOT my mother!"???

  3. Wow! I won't be never able attain to that almost divine level!


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