06 January 2011

big fat red hat...

another crispy-cold day here on the northern coast of california...

definitely hat weather...

what hat? 

this hat!

astonishingly easy to make, it has become my go-to hat this chilly winter...looks great with everything and is wonderfully warm...

it's a redefined classic with a loose, easy fit...

you can make one, too!

big fat red hat

1-2 skeins berocco ultra alpaca (you can buy it from my lys here)
1 size us13/9mm 16" circular
1 set of us13/9mm double pointed needles (dpn's)
1 tapestry needle

2.5 stitches per inch in 2x2 rib

Using three strands (try three different colors!) of yarn held together, and a size us13/9mm 16" circular needle, cast on 56 stitches.  Join work (don't twist, of course!)

Knit in 2x2 rib (knit two, purl two) around and around until your work measures about 8" (adjust to your liking). 

You will now shape the crown.  There are 14 groups of 2x2 rib.  On the first decrease round, you will eliminate 14 purl stitches (one stitch in each group of 2x2 rib), evenly spaced, thus:

Knit two stitches, purl two together to end of round...42 stitches remain. Change to dpn's.

Knit two rounds.

Next decrease round:  Knit two together, purl one to end of round...28 stitches remain.

Knit two rounds.

Next decrease round:  Knit two together to end of round...14 stitches remain.

Final decrease round:  Knit two together to end of round...break thread, and pull through remaining 7 stitches.  Tack down well on inside.  Wet block if desired (I didn't block mine!), being careful not to stretch the ribs...

et voilà!!!


  1. combining colors opens up a whole new world of heathers with this! love the idea and off to search to see what i can play with today!

    Thanks for sharing it!

  2. you're welcome, diane! can't wait to see your hat!

  3. Thanks for sharing this lovely hat project! ;o)
    I think I might try to knit one soon.


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