27 October 2010

your choice...!

november already? is fast upon us, and still i haven't decided what to offer as october's free pattern...

so, dear reader...i need your help... 
please?  per favore?  s'il vous plaît?

i had thought to offer this child's play crown...a little something that i designed years ago when my boys attended a waldorf school...it makes a wonderful gift for a child's birthday, or even for the upcoming holidays
(maybe even halloween?)

then, yesterday, i received an inquiry from a fellow knitter...would I please share the pattern for my
 big river hat ?


what do you think?

which most interests you?


  1. I like the Big River Hat, especially the colours, very autumn and lovely :)

  2. The Big River hat, please.

  3. Sounds like Big River may be it...


comments are welcome!


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