31 October 2010

the big river hat pattern...

okay...i'm just back from my son's soccer tournament (third place, yay!) and before I take off for a round of trick-or-treating with the "gang" i'll quickly post the promised pattern for the...

big river hat

this pattern has not been test-knit (except by me) nor has it been edited...if you find any mistakes, please let me know!

  • 2 skeins of sport weight wool--colors A & B.  I used Brown Sheep's Nature Spun Sport and Top of the Lamb sport...
  • 1-16" circular US size 3
  • 1-set of US size 3 dpn's
  • tapestry needle
  • 6 stitches and app. 9 rounds per inch in stockinette
purl dot pattern: multiples of four

rounds 1 & 3:  Knit
round 2:  Knit 3, purl 1
round 4:  Knit 1, purl 1, knit 2


With color A, cast on 120 stitches.  Join work (careful not to twist!).  Knit for 1"-or-so (about 9 rounds).  Purl one round.  Change to color B and knit one round; knit one round with A. Repeat these two rounds twice more--6 rounds in stripe pattern. Purl one round with A. Change to B and work 6 repeats of purl dot pattern (above) for about 2.5" (app. 24 rounds).  With A, knit one round, purl one round. 
Continue knitting with A for approximately 1"-1.5" (about 9-14 rounds).
 Shape crownThis is a good time to try the hat on--if you want it shorter, tick back a few rounds.  If you need it longer, add a few more rounds before beginning the crown shaping.  You will shape the crown by decreasing 8 stitches, evenly spaced, every other round until you have
Round 1:  Knit 13, knit 2 together (k2tog) to end of round--112 stitches remain
Even rounds:
Round 3:  Knit 12, k2tog to end of round--104 stitches remain
Round 5:  Knit 11, k2tog to end of round--96 stitches remain

Continue this way, decreasing 8 stitches every other round, evenly spaced, until you have 64 stitches, change to double pointed needles, then decrease 8 stitches EVERY round until 8 stitches remain.  Break thread, pull through these 8 stitches and tack down well on wrong side.  Weave in all threads and wet block...Wear the hat pulled down like a beanie, or pull the crown to one side and pin with a big kilt pin (or maybe a stitch holder?...hee, hee)...

et voilà !!!

© 2010 pamela w allen designs I am happy to share this pattern with knitters. It may be used for non-commercial, personal or charity knitting.. It is not to be used in any publication, nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without written permission.

if you use this pattern, please show your appreciation by donating to a charity that benefits children in need...



  1. you are so welcome! love your work, by the way!

  2. Thank you for your patterns - some of your hats are very special - and I like to begin with this one here.
    I have to subscribe your blog for following - it is a nice place for looking.
    Kind regards and thanks again for your several patterns for free
    Baba - Switzerland

  3. Where you say
    "With B, knit one round. Knit 4 more rounds, alternating colors A and B and twisting and carrying the unused color up the inside of the work. Your stiped inset will be B,A,B,A,B. With A, knit a round"
    I would change to:
    "Change to color B and knit one round; knit one round with A. Repeat these two rounds twice more--6 rounds in stripe pattern. Purl one round with A. Change to B and work 6 repeats of 'Purl dot pattern'.

    Beautiful hat! Love it.

  4. thanks Andrea...great suggestion! much more concise...

  5. I like this hat and love the colours!


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