22 July 2010

july's "pattern"...

I needed something to keep the wild tangle of hair in place...

but the bobby pin looked so plain...

there sat my needles and a billion bits and bobs of beautiful fingering...

well...why not?

a bobby pin (kirby grip) sweater!

silly and fun

july's free "pattern"

how to make
a bobby pin sweater...

or kirby grip jumper...

Grab a couple of yards of pretty wool fingering or sportweight yarn.
Using size US2 (2.75mm) double-pointed needles, knit about 2.5 inches of i-cord on 4 stitches.  You want to knit very tightly.
Break yarn, pull through the stitches and knot the end, tacking down well.  Weave in ends.
Feed top of bobby pin (kirby grip) into the tube, pushing the tip into the knotted end. 

et voilà!!!

The beauty of this little slip-cover is that you can change it to suit your mood and you can easily wash it if necessary. It does, however, need to be re-adjusted every-so-often.  So, if you prefer, tack it or glue it in place...

© pamela w allen... all rights reserved


many happy birthday wishes to


my mother

who taught me to knit oh-so-many years ago...

I love you mommy!


  1. really pretty!! i think i may make a bunch of these to throw into my bridemaids' swag bags! =)

  2. tres belles!!!!!!

  3. Brilliant! Thank you for sharing!

  4. This is really cute! Going to make a couple for my daughter!!(goes in search of colourful variegated yarn in her stash!!):-)

  5. great idea! just made one and will do assortment of colors for my sis-in-law, hope she'll love them! Keep up the good work!

  6. what a super cute idea - can't wait to make some! just saved it on Pinterest!


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