29 June 2010

june's square hat...

here it is....finally

june's free pattern...

I call it

 the cap quadrato

it starts with a square...
and doubles as a bag...

you will need:

some lovely worsted-weight yarn (I used Galway Worsted 100% wool for the yellow hat)
size US8 (5mm) or whatever you need for gauge needles--one 16" circular and a set of dpn's
tapestry needle
wide satin ribbon if desired

note: to figure the number of stitches needed:  multiply your head size minus one inch by the gauge per inch (in stockinette) of your particular yarn, then round up or down a bit to make it work...my little yellow hat wanted to fit a 20" child's head...my gauge was 4 st/inch...I worked on 76 stitches (19 x 4=76), picking up only 17 stitches on each of the selvedge sides of the square

this is a great way to use up those 4" gauge swatches!


With your circular needle, cast on 21 (or so) stitches--I use an odd number just for ease--this way you begin every row with a knit stitch...

Work back and forth in seed stitch (k1, p1) until your work is square...Knit one row.

Now, working around the square, *pick up 20 stitches along the edge, place a marker (if you wish), pick up a stitch in the corner--do this three times from*.  You should have 84 stitches.  You can cheat a bit, by the way.  You may decide, if you like, to pick up fewer stitches along the selvedge (side) edges of your square (because of head size).  That is perfectly fine.  The hat will still look great!

Join and work these stitches in stockinette (knit every row), purling each corner stitch (the stitch after each marker), until you have the desired length, ending just before the first corner stitch.  Knit two stitches together--this begins the opening for the casing.  Continue in pattern to the end of the round, then work back and forth (always reversing the stockinette at each corner) until you have a nice roll.  This will be your casing.  Alternately, you can forgo the opening and just keep knitting until you have a nice roll (as I did for the orange hat below).

Cast off loosely in whatever way you like (you may want to use a needle two or three sizes larger--or try this).  Put work aside...

Make a 30"-or-so length of i-cord (alternately, you can use ribbon).  Knot the ends.  Place the cord inside the rolled edge (your edge will be rolling up and outside the work, exposing the reverse side), and sew the casing (being careful not to sew the cord) in place.  Finish all ends and steam to block (or wet block if preferred).

et voilà!!!

There are lots of possiblities here...you can start with a swatch square of any stitch pattern...you can stripe it, add a color pattern, add an embellishment...you may want to line it with a lovely fabric...or felt it, perhaps?

This pattern has not been test-knit.  If you find any errors, or have any problems or questions, please let me know!

happy knitting...

© 2010 pamela w allen designs...I am happy to share this pattern with knitters. It may be used for non-commercial, personal or charity knitting. It is not to be used in any publication, nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without written permission.


  1. Really cute hat! I'll have to do this one for sure.

  2. Thanks, Arlene...happy knitting!


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