05 February 2010

moutarde...a hat from the stash

I had a partial skein of Nashua's Wooly Stripes, an old ball of Manos wool in a pungent shade of mustard, and a desire to knit something FUN and EASY.

 So...what did I make?

HAT, of course!

Want to make one, too?

You will need two colors of bulky weight yarn and a circular needle and a set of double-pointed needles. I used Nashua Wooly Stripes in brown tones and Manos del Uruguay's kettle-dyed wool in mustard and a US size 10 needle.

You want a gauge of about 4.5 stitches per inch...this hat will fit a 20"-23" head...

Cast on 76 stitches...join.

Knit 2x2 rib (knit 2, purl 2) for about 1 inch (more if you wish!).

Now you will increase (use whatever method you feel comfortable with--I knit the strand between the two stitches) one stitch every four stitches...in other words, knit 4, increase 1, repeating 19 times to the end of the round.  You now have 95 stitches--19 groups of 5. 

Grab the mustard yarn.  Knit 2 stitches with brown, 3 stitches with mustard--repeat to the end of the round, three times.  Break the mustard and continue knitting with the brown for approximately 2 inches.  Pick up the mustard again and knit 1 mustard, 1 brown, one mustard, two brown--repeat this 5-stitch pattern for just one round.  Knit three rounds with the brown. 

Now the crown shaping begins.  Knit 3, knit 2 together to the end of the round--76 stitches remain.  Knit one round with the brown.  Pick up the mustard and knit 1 mustard, one brown, alternating these colors to end of round.  Drop the brown and continue with the mustard.  Knit one round.

Next decrease round:  Knit 2, knit 2 together, repeating to the end.  You now have 57 stitches.  Knit two more rounds, then knit one round alternating 2 stitches of mustard and one stitch of brown.  

Third decrease round: knit 1, knit 2 together to end of round.  38 stitches remain.  You will need to switch to double-pointed needles at this point (I actually used dpn's that were one size smaller, because that is what I happened to have handy).  On the next row, decrease two more stitches, evenly spaced--36 stitches  Continue knitting, decreasing 4 stitches evenly every other row until you have 8 stitches remaining.  Knit a few rows on these eight stitches, then knit 2 together until 4 stitches remain.  Work i-cord on these 4 stitches  for about an inch.  Cut yarn, pull through stitches and secure.  Knot the end of this little "stem".  Weave in all ends, and wet block or steam...

et voilà!

Your new hat can be worn pulled down over your ears, or perched on top of your head like a beret or thrown to the back for a slouch hat...have fun! 


  1. I shall definitely be giving this a go and then posting the results on my blog. Thanks for the pattern!


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