21 January 2010

rilke's alpaca scarf...and the pattern, too!


I'm in love with this scarf...the fabric has a beautiful drape, and the size is perfect for wrapping around head and neck...the color will work with almost anything, and won't soil easily...and it is lusciously soft and warm...I hope Rilke likes it, too!

this is how I made rilke's alpaca scarf...

2-100 gram skeins of worsted weight alpaca (or more if desired!)
1-pair of size US8 needles

The scarf is entirely in garter stitch.  The first stitch of every row is slipped purl-wise.  Begin with three stitches.  You will be increasing one stitch, every other row, to create the first point.  So, your first row, you will slip 1, make 1 (I used the backwards loop method), knit to end--four stitches.  Second row, slip 1, knit to end.  Continue this way, increasing after the slipped stitch on every other row, until you have the width you wish--my scarf is 58 stitches wide (my gauge, blocked, is about 4.75 stitches per inch--the scarf measures about 12" wide).  When you have reached desired width, just continue to knit every row (remember to slip the first stitch!) until you are at your desired length.  Now you will begin to shape your second point (which can either mirror or oppose the first), by decreasing one stitch every other row, thus...Slip 1, Knit 2 together, knit to end.  When you are down to three stitches, bind off.  Block it well and add tassles if desired...et voilà! 

please...If you use this pattern, consider making a donation to partners in health, save the children, haiti action, or any organization that is helping the Haitian people in their time of great need... 

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  1. Very pretty and so simple. sometimes the simple projects are the most stunning.

  2. Thanks, bumper! I agree...simplicity is often best!

  3. Wow, this is gorgeous. Would you mind explaining how you wrapped it on the model in the headscarf position? I'm such an idiot about wrapping scarves. And, if you're feeling really generous, a tutorial on the tassel you made for this scarf.

  4. Please see today's (Feb.15) post!

  5. Excellent for the OFA's Red Scarf Project!

  6. Nicola from New Zealand07 February, 2011 20:14

    Fabulous! I have been looking for a great pattern to use up the same two skeins of alpaca you used that I bought over five years ago. This scarf looks warm, cozy and very me. Thanks for the awesome pattern!

  7. @Nicola...hope we get to see your scarf! happy knitting...


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