20 September 2013



a hat for my youngest,
who turned fifteen this week

made in o-wool balance
it is completely reversible

totally cool

05 September 2013

a quick coaster...

here's an easy project..

a great way to use up scraps...

a coaster

took me ten minutes, start-to-finish...

...and I'm finding it very useful!

the possibilities are endless
(stripes, anyone?)

here's what you do...

grab some scraps of worsted-weight wool and size US7(4.5mm)needles...

using the long-tail method, cast on 56 stitches (make sure you leave a generous tail).  Knit the first row.  
row 2: K2, k2tog to end (42 sts. remain).
rows 3 & 4:  Knit.
row 5:  K1, k2tog to end (28 sts. remain).
rows 6 & 7:  Knit.
row 8:  K2tog to end (14 sts. remain).
rows 9 & 10:  Knit.
row 11:  k2tog to end (7 sts. remain).

break yarn, leaving a generous tail, and thread through darning needle...pull through the remaining 7 stitches, twice, then sew the seam to create a circle...

tie two tails together in a bow, steam block and...


a great gift

a fabulous charity bazaar item



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