29 September 2009

cable baby

Simple, easy cable-and-rib beanie for baby. Add a flower, a pom-pom, stripe it...or simply leave it plain. Done in wool, it makes a wonderfully stretchy hat that stays put--and it "grows" with baby! 
This hat was done on size 3 needles with the lovely Rowan Pure Wool 4-ply.  98 stitches, in a pattern of k2, p2, k2, p2, k4, p2 (a 14 stitch repeat) with cables turned every seven rows.

cable baby
a download of the step-by-step instructions will be available on Ravelry very soon!

15 September 2009

another "scrappy" on the needles...

Just finishing up another "scrappy little hat". This one is done in a DK yarn, the ribbing is a bit longer, and it will probably be finished with a knot of i-cord in the lighter pink..

As of today,148 knitters have "favorited" this "pattern" on Ravelry, and 58 have it in their queue.  I simply can't wait to see what other knitters do with this very simple "un-vention"! 

11 September 2009

a scrappy little hat...

© 2009 pamela w allen designs

Here's a fun little hat for baby that is easy to make from those bits and pieces that one collects from various projects...

This one is done with five colors of Frog Tree Alpaca in all kinds of lengths...Essentially it is knit in stockinette BUT...each time you pick up a new scrap, you reverse the stockinette!...For this hat, I used a lovely berry-coloured alpaca as the main color, and began with an inch of 2x2 rib on 84 stitches (in the round on a size 3 needle).  Then I picked up an apple green length of the same yarn and knit around for the length of that scrap.  Next I chose a little scrap of brown and PURLED around until that was used up....then pink, knitting; then berry, purling; then green knitting, and on and on until I ran out of scraps about four inches up.  The crown is finished in the berry, decreasing seven stitches every other round.  I've made this hat several times with different yarns--it is always adorable!  Really whimsical with curly-cues on top!  Variations are endless...would love to see what YOU come up with!

08 September 2009


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